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Letter to our Patients

Hatch Dental
To whom may it concern:

On November 2, 2016 Dr. Hatch had another shoulder surgery. He currently recovering and hoped to be better by this point, unfortunately he is not healing well. Our patients are always our top priority and we are open to see patients for emergencies and hygiene visits during regular business hours.

 In the meantime, Dr. Cade Baldwin has been helping out on Mondays and Thursday afternoons. Dr. Baldwin grew up in the snake river area and has lived here most of his life. He is currently practicing at Blackfoot Family Dentistry and has over 14 years of experience.

If you currently have a treatment scheduled, other than an exam please call us to reschedule.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you posted on Dr. Hatch’s recovery.


Dr. Hatch and Staff




Cosmetic Dentistry Myths and Facts

Cosmetic Dentistry Myths and Facts

bright smiles dentistIf you lack confidence in your smile, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who aren’t confident in their smiles. Discoloration, misaligned teeth, or missing teeth are some of the biggest culprits for this lack of confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can help these individuals regain their confidence and it has advanced quite a bit in the past few decades. However, most of the people who suffer from discoloration, misaligned teeth, etc., still hesitate when it comes to cosmetic dentistry due to the misconception about what cosmetic dentistry is. In fact, several myths about cosmetic dentistry have made their way across the country. We are going to take the most common myths and find the truth behind the misconceptions.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry is Too Expensive.

Due to advancements in cosmetic dentistry procedures, treatments have become more affordable. There are options for patients when it comes to the methods and materials that are used when they undergo cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, most modern dental practices will work with their patients to ensure that cosmetic dentistry is more affordable; payment options and financing allow patients to pay for cosmetic dentistry over time. Keep in mind that the money you spend on cosmetic dentistry today can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Damages Your Teeth

Nothing could be further from the truth! Cosmetic dentistry often preserves your teeth’s natural structure and can often increase the lifespan of your teeth!

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Looks Fake.

When you hear the words “cosmetic dentistry” you might get images of blindingly white, tic-tac like veneers or ill-fitting dentures. However, cosmetic dentistry has improved quite exponentially over the past few decades. Treatments can now be highly customized, allowing you to have a natural feeling and looking smile.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Necessary

Cosmetic dentistry is not a luxury reserved for the wealthy and is about much more than aesthetics. Cosmetic dental procedures restore and preserve your teeth, promoting good oral health. It promotes longevity and helps prevent further dental health issues, like tooth loss or periodontal disease.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry is Painful

Thousands of people suffer from dental anxiety and in many cases, dental phobia comes from a fear of pain. Modern dentists take extra precautions to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible during any dental procedure, including cosmetic dental procedures. If you have dental anxiety speak with your local dentist. Your dentist can create a plan that can ease your anxiety and provide you additional comfort.

Cosmetic Dentistry Myths are Persistent

 People tend to have misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry because it is easier to write something off if you don’t understand it, and it is even easier to write it off if you don’t see the long-term benefits.

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just a superficial procedure, it can boost your self-esteem and resolve serious dental problems, and is often more affordable than you might realize.

If you are tired of lacking confidence in your smile allow Dr. Hatch in Pocatello. Our staff can answer all of your questions and provide guidance in how you can alleviate your concerns about cosmetic dentistry.

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Handling Dental Emergencies

Handling Dental Emergencies

dental emergency idaho fallsIf you have ever suffered from a dental emergency then you might understand how painful and frightening it can be. More often than not, people aren’t sure what constitutes as a dental emergency, what they can do at home, and when they need to call a dentist. At Hatch Dentistry in Idaho Falls we have created a simple guide that can help you determine what actions you need to take when you are faced with a dental emergency:


When you have a toothache the pain can be excruciating. To help resolve your toothache you should rinse your mouth out with warm water and remove any food that may have gotten lodged in between your teeth with dental floss. Next, apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth, especially if there is swelling. Do not apply any painkillers directly to the affected area. If the pain persists schedule an appointment with your Idaho Falls dentist.

Broken Tooth

Teeth are remarkably strong, but they can chip, crack or break. When your tooth breaks rinse your mouth out with warm water, taking care to save any pieces of tooth. Gently apply gauze to the affected tooth for about 10 minutes to stop any bleeding.  To minimize any pain and swelling apply a cold compress around the affected area. Schedule an appointment with your local dentists immediately.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse it with water to remove any dirt. Try to avoid removing any tissue that is still attached to the tooth. You can try to reinsert the tooth in its socket, but don’t force it. You can place your tooth in a cup of milk to help preserve it. For the highest chances of saving your tooth, contact your Idaho Falls dentist within one hour.


If you have a small, painful bump on your gums it could be an abscess. This bump could be a sign of infections that can spread if left untreated. Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water to help reduce the pain. Contact your local dentist’s office immediately if you notice one of these painful bumps.

Lost Dental Restoration

Fillings – when your filling falls out use sugarless gum or dental cement as a temporary fix. You should seek restorative dentistry as soon as possible.

Crowns – if your crown has come loose you can try to put the crown back in place using toothpaste or dental cement to temporary hold it in place while you make your way to your local dentist for assistance.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Dealing with a dental emergency is never fun and you may be wondering what you can do to prevent future emergencies from occurring. The best way to protect your teeth and gums from future dental emergencies is to see your local dentist twice a year to schedule comprehensive hygiene visits.

Hatch Dental in Idaho Falls can help you with all of your preventative dentistry and restorative dentistry needs! Just remember to follow our simple dental emergency guide whenever you are experiencing a dental emergency!

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