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Your Oral Hygiene in Blackfoot is Important

Your Oral Hygiene in Blackfoot is Important

When you start suffering from dental issues or just need your routine care, you may try getting out of that dentist appointment at Hatch Dental in Blackfoot. Some of the most common reasons people procrastinate when it comes to dental appointments is because they don’t have the time or they fear the pain. Avoiding your local dentist at Hatch Dental is not a good idea. Putting off dental care can turn small problems like cavities, into large problems like root canals and tooth extraction. Short appointments turn into long ones with more work and higher expenses.

What happens when you wait?

That small cavity on your lower bicuspid could have been filled easily and has turned into a large cavity. Larger cavities require more work to fill it. However, large cavities are only a minor problem compared to the more advanced issues. That minor toothache that has been bothering you for the past few weeks could be a small fracture or an abscess. Small fractures can sometimes be repaired, but if you wait too long the fracture can increase and you may need to get a crown.

The early stages of an abscess are easy to treat, but ignoring the abscessed tooth may lead to root damage and the need for a root canal. The infection can spread to other teeth, multiplying the damage. These treatment will require more time and money than you would have spent if you would have taken care of the problem earlier on.

Even putting off that routine cleaning can lead to tooth decay. Even if you brush, floss, and rinse every day like you are supposed to, you still need a professional cleaning at Hatch Dental in Blackfoot. Plaque that is left behind will harden into calculus or tartar that you cannot remove by yourself. A build-up of calculus can also lead to gum disease. Don’t risk it! Contact Hatch Dental to take care of your oral hygiene in Blackfoot!

Keep Your Smile Healthy

blackfoot dentistDon’t make the mistake of avoiding your local dentist in Blackfoot. Lack of time may be your main concern, but waiting until the problem gets worse may mean that you have to give up substantially more time later on. Don’t suffer from needless pain from your tooth problems. Visit Dr. Dennis Hatch at Hatch Dental in Blackfoot for your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams to ensure your smile stays happy, healthy and bright.