Several years ago, uncomfortable with my current dentist, I determined to find one to which I could relate and who would be patient with me. I was an extremely anxious patient as through the years, I had had several very difficult dental experiences. A friend, much like myself, gave me her dentist’s name and location. However, when I called, I discovered that he had moved out and that you then occupied the building. Because I needed dental care at the time, I hesitantly made an appointment.

My first appointment convinced me that I had found my dentist. The warm, friendly atmosphere was relaxing. However the attention of the hygienist was the first thing which sold me. In other dental establishments, the hygienists had been professional and reasonably friendly. However, as soon as they had accomplished the workup, they left and I would sit, dreading what was to come. This one stayed, visiting companionably and I was able to avoid the nervousness that I otherwise would have had to deal with. Throughout my visit, I was never left alone and this alone would have kept me coming.

However, I found that you also were easy to talk to, you listened to my concerns and made changes in response to my needs. You did not get impatient when I showed my nervousness. You have much expertise in the work you give. You are also gentle. I hardly felt the injections. For the first time, I received a little nitrous oxide, and I found that it eased my discomfort. As I left that day, I knew that I would return as needed.
Through the years, I have continued to be most pleased with my care. You have always been professional. When work was required, you explained what was necessary, you answered all my questions including the expected costs. I never felt pushed into procedures.

Recently, my husband retired and with this change, we lost our dental insurance. We have been unsure what to do and have considered going to students for our dental care. However, when I realized that I needed some care, I decided that the good experiences I have had here is worth the extra cost. I will stay with you. Thank you for the most positive professional relationship.

Paula Baxter


We have been Dr. Hatch’s patients since he started practicing in Blackfoot. He has seen us through exams, cleanings, simple fillings, complicated fillings, root canals, teeth pulled, dentures made etc, etc, etc. Besides the good work he and his staff perform, we like the friendliness and the banter that always goes on. It’s not our favorite thing to do- going to the dentist, but they make it as fun as possible.

Dr. Hatch was a student in my (Ila) ninth grade English class at Blackfoot High School. One day as he was working on my teeth, I told him his job was a case where the people he worked on could hardly wait to get away from him. He said yes, my job was the same way!

DeVon and Dr. Hatch’s mother were neighbors in the same farming community. We appreciate Dr. Hatch. Not only has he been a good dentist; he had been a good friend.

DeVon and Ila Kofoed


I got your reminder to come in and thought I should write, as I’m about 2400 miles away. First thing I would like to say, is somebody like you does not have to write somebody like me to be reminded to come in, because people like you never leave our hearts. I know I have told you many times, you are the best dentist I ever had the privilege to know and I miss you and all your staff very much. What’s more, you are a fine man, whether your wife agrees or not and whether you have the ability to absorb such a compliment, and you are as humble as you are a good person.

I have left Blackfoot and gone on with my life elsewhere. Currently, I am living in Lakeland Florida, where most my family reside, and hold on to your hat, getting ready to be a substitute teacher at the Polk County Public Schools. Please finish this letter before you begin writing your congressman.

I want you to know that you have been a friend to me, whether you looked at it this way or not. I wish only good things for you and all the wonderful ladies that assist you in your practice. The chances are slim I will ever see you again, but as quantum physics dictates, there is always a possibility however remote, and I will cling to that one possibility that I would be so lucky.

All my love to you, the ladies, and your families. God bless you.

Phillip Gordon


Thank you so much for taking extra care and concern for making sure that my dental implants were a success. I appreciate your extra effort to make sure they turned our right. I feel that the job was exceptionally well done. I am very pleased with the results.

Thanks again!


Thank you, thank you for your skills as a dentist. My tooth feels wonderful. No food wedging.

Becky Y.


Thanks so much for being such an awesome team. I love you ‘Both! As always, your laughter & knowledge got me through being a wimp! I appreciate you both & all you do for me & my boys.

Sena R